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Starbase 020

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Hvězdná základna 020

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design výpis:starbase
design 2:starbase
Msto:Planet Vellurius, Gamma Arietis system
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04.03.2008, 09:18:18

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04.03.2008, 09:18:18

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Starbase 020 was a Federation starbase.
Starbase 020 was located near the so-called "Triangle sector" where Romulan, Klingon and Federation space intersect. The base was near the Romulan Neutral Zone border planet Ulindell. (RPG reference: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual: Agent´s Orientation Sourcebook) This base was designated as the headquarters for Romulan intelligence sector, with activities units monitoring internal affairs, Romulan and Gorn intelligence. Bases that were under the command of Starbase 020's intelligence staff were located on Ulindell in the Weymith system, Fenserk Major in the Fencirce system and at Starbase 017. Starbase 020 was the control base of Arcadia Transtators, a Starfleet Intelligence front organization based on Ectair. This base also was the control center for Project Farsight, a deep cover operation of intelligence agents and Romulan double-numbers exploring long-range scanning of Neutral Zone-adjacent enemy forces. (RPG reference: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)
In the early 23rd century, Commodore Gregory Tree was stationed at Starbase 020, and logged the report that the USS Wells inexplicably time travelled as it returned from a three-year mission in only 33 solar days. (Reference: Spaceflight Chronology)
In 2262, the USS Hood docked at Starbase 020 for shore leave. At this time, Commander Phelana Yudrin was approached by Admiral Ellen Mangione to join her team that was assigned to the base. (TOS novel: Enterprise)
The USS Enterprise stopped off at Starbase 020, at the planet Vellurius, for repairs following the disastrous mission to Delta Vega, in 2265. (TOS novel: The Fire and the Rose)
It has been noted by editorial staff that the Crucible novels have disregarded other, earlier non-canon works, as artistic license by the writer. These would take place in a different continuity than other stories, including My Brother's Keeper where the Enterprise visited Starbase 033 for the post-Delta Vega repairs.
In 2267, the 12-man scout, USS Harriet Tubman, left the base on an expedition of the Crossroad Nebula. When the Harriet Tubman disappeared, the nebula was declared a hazard. (TOS novel: Crossroad)
In the 2270s, Starbase 020 and the vessels based there were primarily staffed by Mesarth crewmembers, being located at their home star system, Gamma Arietis. Given the aggressive Mesarth nature, James T. Kirk considered this a good defense for the Aries constellation, improving its odds in a possible conflict with the Romulans. (TOS novel: Swordhunt)
In the late 23rd century, Starbase 020 was the home of the 4th, 8th and 9th Pursuit Groups of Scorpio class corvettes. (Reference: Federation Ship Recognition Manual(1st))

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